Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Course

The southern Illinois Big Muddy Air Race is scheduled for June 9, 2012, at 10:00 a.m., central time, at the Southern Illinois Airport, KMDH . The rain date will be the following day, June 10.

Here is the 159 nm. course.

Click on the map to view the course.

Pilot's brief is at 9:00 central time in the SIU Aviation Technologies building. You MUST attend the pilot's brief to participate in the race. No brief, - no race.

The course highlights our beautiful southern Illinois and runs you along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers and over a lot of the Shawnee National Forest. As it stands, we'll run 155 nm and you'll fly over three states.

Turn 1: The course starts at 36L/18R at Carbondale, then NNW to Turn 1 at PJY Pinckyneville. We'll use the numbers on the approach end of Rwy 36.

Turn 2: K02, at Perryville, Mo. We'll use the numbers on the approach end of Rwy 20

Turn 3: Grand Tower suspension bridge. We will use the center of the natural gas suspension bridge, which spans the river, as our check point. N 37 38.518, W 89 30.972. Please do not fly under the bridge.

Turn 4: Cairo overpass. To keep us from overflying the city of Cario (pronounced: kay-row or care-row, take your pick), we'll first pick up Turn 4, which is an overpass on I-57:  N36° 58.007' W89° 15.951'. Use the center of the overpass.

Turn 5: The parking lot at Ft. Defiance state park: N36° 59.271' W89° 9.047' , just southeast of the historic town. You might want to take a look at Google Earth to make sure you get it all right.

Turn 6: The parking lot at the Pulaski County Development park, on the Ohio River. N37° 13.965' W88° 58.257'

Turn 7: Smiley water tower, Makanda, IL. at N 37 36.857 W 89 13.989 .

The yellow water tower will be your initial reporting point (Race XX Makanda inbound), north-northwest to the KMDH tower.

Finish Line: Low pass down 36L, on the western edge of the field at KMDH.

Stay tuned to this web site for event information.

If you have questions, contact me at sam.hoskins@gmail.com or call at 1-618-967-0016

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  1. We just happen to be on the last leg of your race near 57 and Lick Creek Road. You went right over the top of us. Enjoyed watching your race. Nice day for it!